Thursday, July 26, 2007


Guiltless gourmet, my ass. After polishing off a bag of these babies, I'm feeling nothing but guilt... Yuck.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

Trunk Sale Aftermath

Wow, Saturdays Trunk Sale went fabulously! It was so exciting to see people shopping and meet so many of my very cool neighbors. All the vendors seemed to have a good time and have expressed interest in doing another one, maybe at the end of the summer.

I sold a couple of the "Diamond" necklaces, a Bubble Necklace, several glass pieces and a few one-of-a-kind pieces -- all in all, a successful day!

Shopping in the mid-afternoon sun

Checking out "The Original Beadscarf"

Jen's cool beaded creations

Timarie's gorgeous glass pendants

And did I bother to take a pic of my own set up? No! It was pretty cool though -- I had everything laid out on rice, and the effect was very simple and striking.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Ring!

Honestly, picking up a new piece from the casters is like Christmas morning every time! I made this ring for the purpose of showcasing all the beautiful negative space inside. I picked up the first batch on Friday and put one on immediately. Haven't taken it off since. Now I need to get to posting it on Etsy...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Trying to have a semi-productive day...

It's steaming hot outside, and it's only 10:30 am. I purposely stayed in last night to finish up some work, so that I could have this beautiful day wide open.

Plan for the day:

  • Gym

  • Buy some fruit / wander down Steinway Street

  • Finish reading yesterdays NYTimes

  • Catch some tunes in Central Park

  • Sundae Sunday

Thank God Bonnie was a good sport about this pic being sent to

all of our friends....

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Our live-in"housegirl" this summer is my roommate's sister, Susanna. In addition to adding to the typical antics expected of anyone who resides at the Sprout Studios, Susanna has also been modeling all my jewelry. Hence, the lovely pics now gracing Etsy.

Thanks Susanna!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A month ago I created my summer “to do” list. Today, I’m updating it. Strikethroughs mean I’ve done them! Woo hoo!


Pre-4th of July weekend in Jersey

The return of Sunday Sundaes We're having one this week!

Memorial Day cookout – this one is a definite – this Sunday, most likely beginning at 3pm

Bar Fundraiser - Looking for a bar in Manhattan to host… Raise $$ for the Kevin Maher Memorial Scholarship Fund, but will also be a chance to formally present a check to our first scholarship recipient! Hasn't happened yet... I'm thinking about waiting till the Fall, when more people are around....


Summerstage – Celebrate New Orleans (August 11th) Femi Kuti (July 11th)

Crawfish Fest - This is a definite!! (June 2 -3rd)

Blues Cruise – Martin Sexton (Aug 23rd) Hugh Masekela (July 13th) Ryan Montbleau!

...Many, many, more….

Street Fairs/Crafty Things

Park Slope 7th Heaven Street Fair (June 17th) Supposedly a really good one…

Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn (June 16th and 17th)

Quality Time with the Fredonia Girls

Have a little adventure up in Ra-Cha-Cha

Road trip with the Weasel We're planning it

Watch Jenny fatten up She is!


Visit the Global Feminisms exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum

Visit the Monet exhibit at the Wildenstein Gallery

Living it Up in LIC

Beer Garden!! Beer Garden!! Beer Garden!!

Check out some of the supposedly great bars and restaurants in LIC/Astoria

Spend lots of time at the Athens Café Been there once so far...

Lazy days at Socrates Sculpture Park. They have weekly outdoor movies, which are lot of fun, but usually I go during the day, and work on jewelry projects

Have a little LIC3 trunk sale on the patio It's happening July 21st!

Outdoor Adventures

Eat fried dough at Coney Island On my B-Day???

Go to Bonnie’s “boyfriend’s” beach house Having some scheduling conflicts...

Water Taxi Beach – WHY haven’t we done this yet????

Go hiking someplace beautiful, maybe with these guys:

Lofty Goals….

Book a booth at the The Market NYC

Take a Dreamweaver class Took a Photoshop class instead. I think that counts

Finish a book at week. So far: The Year of Magical Thinking, The Goldfish Went on Vacation, Against All Enemies