Thursday, June 26, 2008


A sampling from Sunday's photo shoot with Elsie Q and Michael Borders Photography:

Mikey D wanted no part in the photo shoot.... Until we began shooting the blanket.
Then he suddenly was ready to jump right in!

Lauren was such a trooper, even though we decked her out in a
frilly dress, apron and fancy hairdo.

Keaton wanted to spend Sunday watching soccer.
Instead, we made him model an Elsie Q blazer and sample crocheted donuts.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Back to work again, after a weekend that flew by WAY too fast! Lil’ C was in town, after six weeks spent on the high seas. So last week was spent doing lots of eating and catching up. The weekend started off with a huge, delicious Friday morning brunch with C at the Grand CafĂ©.

Friday night was low-key: Take out from Tasty and an old movie with C and Mikey D . Of course, my hummingbird brain can’t concentrate on a movie for more than 20 minutes, so I was pretty much checked out on the plot and just worked on jewelry the whole time.

Saturday headed out to the BK for some quality time with Jenner and baby Wyatt. So freaking cute! He’s hopping around in his little chair like a fiend! Dinner, then watched the sun set at a rooftop party. Checked over to Williamsburg for some music, met up with Ang and Chris, then into Manhattan for a late night jazz set at Smalls. Lil C sat in on the piano for a few songs. I was so proud; he sounded fantastic.

C crashed at my place, and I woke up Sunday morning to him and Ang plotting another brunch – this one at Euro Delights. Delish crepes. Mikey D joined us, then came back to the apt with me and spent the afternoon vegging with the Wii while I got ready for a photo shoot with Michael Borders. By 4, Ang and I had our friend Lauren decked out in a vintage dress, apron, and French twist. Michael shot some images for Ang’s homeware line. Haven’t had a chance to look at them yet, but I think we’ll have some nice pics to use. Michael brought over a CD of images from last weeks shoot. Heres a shot of Ang helping Jess put in a pair of earrings -->

Finished off the weekend with another epic Sunday Sundae, which involved ice cream Sundaes, cake, cookies, grilled pineapple, hamburgers, hotdogs, potatoes and lord knows what else. A great party with lots of wonderful people!

Stumbled into bed at 12:30, exhausted, happy and stuffed full of sweets J

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Immortalized Forever!

Can ya believe it? The super- talented Argyle Whale gave Sprout Jewelry a little shout out in her submission for the Etsy Design Face-Off Challenge. And she won!! Now her adorable drawing has been turned into a really cool bandanna, for sale at Etsy Labs.

And if you look closely, you can see my Diamond earrings erupting from her volcano-o-etsy. Hooray Argyle!! Congrats on your win!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Neglect, Love, and Nectarines

So, I've been ignoring my blog for the past two weeks. Not for lack of love though. I've just been fantastically busy and my brain feels like a hummingbird; constantly, frantically flapping from one flower to the next.

So, last week I was FEATURED on ETSY!

Oh man, i was so excited! It was great; I got tons of inspiring messages from etsy sellers (and two kind-but-still semi-creepy "hey are you single?" messages as well.) Regardless, I've been pretty busy since that story ran.

On Sunday, Elsie Q and I went down to Gantry State Park to do our first-ever photo shoot. It took weeks of trying to pull everything together -- inventory, models, photographer, etc -- but in the end it was all worth it. The always-wonderful Michael Borders took about a million pics, and supplied a super-cool pop-up changing room (which none of us could figure out how to fold up again once we had it open.

Within literally two minutes of all the involved parties showing up at the designated meeting spot, the sky opened up and rain started falling. It got dark and thunder was rumbling. I was totally crushed, thinking that the evening was about to end before it even began. Luckily, the rain passed pretty quickly (and we got some cool shots of the model posing with a funky polka dot umbrella.)

I can't wait for the photos to be ready so that I can share them!

Oh, and as for the pop-up dressing room... well late Sunday night, Michael Borders emailed me the following video: