Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am constantly amazed (awed, perhaps) by individuals who manage to squeeze so many accomplishments into a single day. These are the folks who do things like make their own yogurt, maintain a weed-free garden, dust weekly, keep their checkbook balanced and post daily updates to their blog -- complete with photos of their delicious yogurt, pristine garden and dust-free home.

I am not one of these people. I am a dawdler. I move slowly. Get easily distracted. Disorganized. An old boyfriend used to call it "hummingbird brain," meaning that I just buzzed about from thing to thing and thought to thought.

I try, try, try to stay on top of things: ie, the blog. For weeks I've been taking pictures of all the things I want to share: awesome concerts, a delicious whoopie pie, boozy summer afternoons, new jewelry.... But then i never quite get around to posting the pictures. It always seems to be the follow-through that alludes me.

I'm always going, going, going. Problem is, I'm constantly in "crisis mode;" just trying to survive until the storm passes. I never can seem to find a rhythm where i am ahead of the game, especially when it comes to my jewelry business. In the past two months, I've done big shows in Austin, Baltimore and two in Brooklyn.And for each of these shows, I worked until my fingers were (quite literally) raw, pulling all-nighters just to get my inventory to a respectable level.

Still, I manage to make it through each show. And in the midst of the chaos, I do find time for friends, vacations, trips to see my family, yoga classes, and concerts. But I want to find a routine to my daily life that weaves together leisure and work -- rather than intense immersion in one or the other.

So, having survived (and LOVED) participating in Pile of Craft in Baltimore this past weekend, i now find myself with nearly 3 WHOLE WEEKS of "down time" before I head to the West Coast for more craft shows. Therefore, I'm putting myself on a schedule, to try to give my life in some semblance of an "order."

I'm starting by creating a jewelry "to make" list. And a daily schedule. And a list of all the little daily luxuries I want to be able to enjoy, like reading the newspaper on the day it comes out (rather than skimming through it five days later).

We'll see how it all goes. Keep yer fingers crossed! Till next time...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pork was the culprit

Taken the day C graduated with his BFA.