Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hear No Evil

My fave picture from Renegade actually has nothing to do with Renegade:

Props to Taylor for helping us out all day long.

And here is Ang praying for a good show on Sunday (her prayers worked! Hallelujah!)

Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm happy cause it's Monday night, I'm watching "Intervention" (totally hooked) and Renegade is OVER. It was a HUUUGE success for me and Elsie Q and tons of fun. But so crazy busy-- my feet look like hoofs today, they are so swollen.

I was on a cloud all weekend -- a mix of exhaustion, happiness, and a twist of insanity (my brain felt like it was in knots as I tried to make change and chat with shoppers). In the midst of the chaos, I got to meet so many other artists and wonderful customers. I left Renegade with a beautiful shirt from Les Enfants Sauvages, an indie line hailing from Montreal. Look at how gorgeous it is:

I love leaving craft shows with something special from another artist.

Renegade pics coming soon!