Sunday, December 21, 2008

It Ain't Pretty

The gory aftermath of the frenzied last-minute-order-filling marathon that occurred yesterday:

Yupp, my studio is trashed. What can I say? I'm beyond trying to remain organized at this point.

Hung out at Artists & Fleas Friday night, then trucked back to Queens to fill orders till 4am. Up at 7 to finish up, then ran (literally) to the post office. Then out to Site to drop off some pieces. Passed out for a bit, then felt too lazy and groggy to go to Karrie's holiday party. Made a few new pieces to sell at Waltz tomorrow -- my last show of the season.

We're supposed to get hit with a big storm, so who knows what the morning will bring....

In other news, this is freaking hilarious:

I've just added Sarah Haskins to my list of girl-crushes.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Table 108

Still reveling in the adrenaline rush from the Bust Craftacular on Sunday. So much fun!

It was great to see some favorite vendors from past shows, including Megan and Michael from Harrilu, who we met in Austin and Brookadelphia, who hail from NYC and shared in the rain-soaked adventure that was Renegade Chicago.

Equally exciting was meeting some new vendors --- most notably Bunny Butt Apothecary and Lois Aronow Porcelain. I got some awesome soap and lotion from Bunny Butt and let me tell you, I can't stop using it. My hands have been in pretty rough shape these days (getting attacked with a jewelry file day in and day out!) and the delish Masala Chai Whipped Cream moisturizer is nursing it back to health. And from Lois Aronow I got the AMAZING mug I've been lusting after for a year now! I'm drinking out of it right now and it's even more lovely in real life than I could have ever imagined.

As for the action over at the Sprout Jewelry table, luckily Jenny and Mikey D were on hand to help me out. And thank god for Elsie Q, who helped me set up and ran out to Home Depot at 10am to buy a much-needed house plant for my display. Gotta love her for that!!

Oh, here is Mikey D and Ang the night before Bust. They helped me do some jewelry prep, before heading out to the bar.

After all the energy and anxiety that has accompanied my life since September, it's really sad that the holiday shopping season is essentially over. No more big shows to obsess over, no more racing through the airport with a huge suitcase full of jewelry displays. Honestly, I'm pretty proud to say that Sprout Jewelry went coast-to-coast this year and SURVIVED. Hell yeah!!! Now it's time to Rock N Roll in 2009!

Friday, December 12, 2008

It's all like this...

Wake up to the sound of a Golden Girls rerun on Lifetime.
Coffee. Yogurt.
Check email. Relist.
Address envelopes.
Jewelry. Jewelry. Jewelry.
Shit, it's 4:35.
PJ's off, jeans on. Hat to cover up my unwashed hair.
Bike to the Post Office; it's 4:58.
Ship envelopes.
Fruit from the cheap fruit stand.
Second pot of coffee.
Jewelry. Jewelry.
Daily Show.

Yup, that pretty much sums up the last month of my life. Any takers?

xoxo K

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Underground in Seattle

Wow, wow. Got in from Seattle yesterday. Caught the red eye, arrived in NYC where the temp was freeeezing and the subway it's usual mix of madness. Back at 29th Street, i stayed awake long enough to run the stack of credit card slips accumulated this weekend, then passed out on the tiny patch of my bed that wasn't covered in jewelry and random crap.

Seattle was an amazing experience. I loved it even more than anticipated. Mountains, water, pine trees, cool little neighborhoods and still the rushrush of a city.... I mean, what more can ya ask for?

Spent two days being a tourist -- Pike Street, Seattle Art Museum, a walking tour, parks.... Then two days at Urban Craft Uprising. UCU was AMAZING! What a great show. Good size crowds, nice people, and lots of enthusiasm from both buyers and sellers alike.

By the end of the first day, my inventory was reduced to a tiny little pile and i was beginning to panic about what I'd even have left to sell on Saturday. Luckily, an all-nighter in my hotel room (and some supplies from JoAnn Fabrics) got me through day 2.

Left Seattle exhausted but exhilarated. No time to rest though -- onward to Craftacular!