Saturday, May 12, 2007

Here I Am, All Alone!

My first post. Actually, I think I started a blog years ago and abandoned it after one post. Hopefully this one will not meet the same fate!

Because tomorrow's Mother's Day, and my mom is hundreds of miles away, I'm kicking things off with a a little tribute to her. Happy Mother's Day Mama! (Though I still can't forgive you for nicknaming me "Yoda")

I found out today that I've sold 114 Koru necklaces since December, which means that I will soon be writing a check for $2,500 to the Kevin Maher Memorial Scholarship Fund. I am still continually amazed by the number of people who've bought the necklace or otherwise donated to the Fund. 114 necklaces. Damn. Maybe it's not much for some people, but for this little ragtag operation, well, I'm pretty pleased with myself.

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