Saturday, February 16, 2008


Its a problem I've talked about before: I love making the jewelry, but hate the time that is consumed by all the other little details of putting the jewelry out into the world. I obsess over what to name it. I take dozens of pics of each piece.... and inevitably decide I like NONE of them. I re-shoot. Upload to the laptop (or, these days, "craptop"). I tweak the colors in Photoshop, and then decide that they look better in the original version. I write, edit, and rewrite the little description that will accompany each piece when it's posted to etsy. Post on etsy. Post on flickr. Update the blog. With each visit to etsy, flickr, whatever, I inevitably get sidetracked and spend 20 minutes browsing other pages and eventually forgetting why I went there in the first place. So, long story short, that is the reason why I have much, much more jewelry sitting in ziploc bags in my "studio" than I have for sale online.

In a related story, here is a pic of a new piece. When it will actually get listed for sale remains to be seen... :)


Jessica Ziel said...

totally relate...lots of time to get an item up to sell!

Lovely pic of your new item though.

jewelstreet said...

lol. You sound like me but without the flickr part. I need to update Flickr way more then I do. At least if you have a slow period in the creative process, you will have plenty to list to get you through.

Nicole R.J. said...

*lol* There really should be a way to block yourself from browsing when you're supposed to be working - so many sites, so little time!

Anonymous said...

Interestinghtr post

Carol Emma said...

So I'm not the only one! ;)