Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday.... Aughhhhh

Do I actually work a "desk" job? Some days, it feels like my 9-5 life is nothing more than an extension of my "jewelry" life. Just a different desk to sit at while i print out Paypal labels, answer convos, and re-re-re-design my packaging and banners.

Today, however, it definitely feels like an Office Space sorta day. It all boils down to the misery I feel when roll out a bed in the morning to a screaming alarm clock, a freezing cold apt (hello, $300 ConEd bill!) and then a chaotic subway commute. It's just a formula for crankiness.

I guess I'm spoiled, cause I'm sitting here at "work" wearing jeans and a thermal, sipping a cup of coffee, listening to NPR and checking my email. Pretty much exactly what I'd be doing at home. Except for the presence of that complicated looking phone on my desk ------>

Anyways, I need to shake off the Monday morning malaise, cause in a couple months summer will be here, and my 9-5 life will be history! Hooray!

So, this weekend I just worked, worked, worked.... trying to keep my head above water with orders and maybe make a new item in the process. Not really any time this weekend to make anything complex, but I did have time to create these lovely little glass and silver earrings:

They're simple, but perfect for spring. They'll be going up on my Etsy page, if you're interested!

~Happy Monday everyone~


Skarph said...

Those are cute!

DivaDea said...

Well, my 9 to 5 is more like 10 to 3, but still - bleh.

Love the yellow!

A Blond And A Torch said...

I love those earrings-they are so cheery!