Friday, May 9, 2008

The Student Surpasses the Teacher

So I had a special "farewell" dinner with my brothers tonight. The younger one, Little C, is leaving Saturday morning for a five week gig playing the piano on a cruise ship to Alaska. He's only 18, and hasn't done much traveling yet. Honestly, i suspect i may be as excited for this gig as he is. We had a huge, overpriced fish dinner, then went back to my place where i cut his extremely long, fuzzy-curly mop of hair. We sat around afterwards, drinking coffee and listening to music. Then went out again for more coffee and pie at a diner down the street. I'm sad to see the little dude go! Now I'm sitting here thinking about the first time I started traveling in college. I did the typical semester-abroad in Europe thing, and got totally hooked on traveling. After that experience, I began traveling every chance I got, and it has definitely shaped me into the person that i am today. Now, I wonder if Lil C will catch the same bug. So proud of him!

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