Monday, July 7, 2008

Chicken and Wine

This past weekend was the first time I really had a moment to catch my breath in months. But I fully believe it's gonna be nothing but chicken and wine from here on out. Elsie Q hightailed it to Maine for the summer, but the Housegirl is back in our lives, so it (as always) a full house here in Astoria. I highly recommend obtaining a housegirl (or houseboy), if you ever have the opportunity. For the past three years, my roomies and I have had at least one of our siblings live with us for the summer. In exchange for rent, they are responsible for all the cleaning, emptying of trash, running of errands and -- in my case-- modeling of jewelry for Etsy pictures. For example:

I put a few new (and some not-so-new, but newly photographed) pieces up on Etsy this weekend. This one is my favorite:

It sort of reminds me of the insides of a computer or complicated piece of electronic equipment. Like you disassembled a CPU and then hung it around your neck. Only prettier. Regardless, it's available in my Etsy shop.

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esta sketch said...

wow that necklace is gorgeous! that's exactly what it reminded me of too.. circuit boards or electrical components of some sort... geeky but not too geeky, just perfect :)