Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On and On

This morning I woke up to 6 new convos in my Etsy mailbox. Strange. I figured maybe I'd been on the front page overnight, prompting a little bit of extra traffic to come my way. Then I checked my Yahoo mail and lo and behold, Google Alerts tipped me off to what really went down: My Crescent Earrings got featured on Indie Fixx! Woo hoo! I don't know what i was more psyched about, the Indie Fixx feature, or the fact that Google Alerts actually directed me to a Sprout shout-out I never would of known about otherwise.

So, the plan for today is to go to the gym, finish up some orders, bring 'em to the post office, stock up on supplies at Metalifferous, then head out to Park Slope for a few days with my favorite girls and my little nephew, Wyatt.


Diana said...

I just have to tell you I found you featured on etsy. Then I found your blog and can't stop reading.
I love your jewelry and also your
entertaining writing. Keep up the awesome work and I will be a frequent visitor. I hope to be taking the etsy plunge soon and be able to quit my day job too. Oh I used to waitress too. Did you ever have the waitress nightmares?
I still do and its been 22 yrs.
Diana from Calif.

Anonymous said...

HEY! just stoppin by to say hi and thats awsome yay for google alerts!
love u miss u... see you soon <3 Em