Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Duct tape saves the day!

Chicago: The Post-Renegade Wrap-Up

The Not-So-Great
  • The rain, endless rain
  • Lugging no less than 6 bulging, massive suitcases from NYC to Chicago
  • Hanging out in the basement of Juantae's apartment at midnight on Sunday, running endless cycles of soaking wet clothing through the dryer
  • Trekking to Target in the rain to buy tarps... only to discover they were sold out.

The Totally Fantastic
  • Hanging out with Juantae, Chris and Adam... oh and Elsie Q
  • Enjoying an endless lunch/dinner/cocktail hour -- for free!
  • Wandering around Chicago (pre-deluge)
  • Checking out the Chicago Art Institute - wow
  • Chicago-style pizza, a lobster dinner, and a fantabulous Mexican meal
  • Meeting other Renegaders from around the country!
  • A GREAT brunch at Milk and Honey Cafe on Division street
  • The people of Chicago, who braved flooding, endless rain and just downright miserable weather to come out and support us!
All and all, well, what can I say about the weekend? It was disappointing, for sure. The potential for an awesome two days was just crushed by the totally crappy weather. Still, I definitely had a great time!

Lobster says "hi!"

Adorable babe snuggled up to an Elsie Q crocheted cupcakes and a crocheted banana
(artist unknown)

In the park. Juantae kept reminding us that the umbrellas were $50 each.
Money well spent.

Sprout display- looking kinda pathetic and picked over, cause it was Sunday night at 9:30. And cause our back "wall" is garbage bags and duct tape.


Christopher And Tia said...

Pretty sure I'd do anything for some lobster right about now. Fun pictures btw, I love entries with lots of pictures :)

Sayo said...

hehehe, I like your garbage bag backdrop! My favorite thing when I went to Chicago this summer was that bean thing! I looooved that bean thing! It was a bright and sunny day when we got to the park, and then it started to pour- I have pictures of a whole bunch of people using it as an umbrella. Looks like you had a good time!