Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Underground in Seattle

Wow, wow. Got in from Seattle yesterday. Caught the red eye, arrived in NYC where the temp was freeeezing and the subway it's usual mix of madness. Back at 29th Street, i stayed awake long enough to run the stack of credit card slips accumulated this weekend, then passed out on the tiny patch of my bed that wasn't covered in jewelry and random crap.

Seattle was an amazing experience. I loved it even more than anticipated. Mountains, water, pine trees, cool little neighborhoods and still the rushrush of a city.... I mean, what more can ya ask for?

Spent two days being a tourist -- Pike Street, Seattle Art Museum, a walking tour, parks.... Then two days at Urban Craft Uprising. UCU was AMAZING! What a great show. Good size crowds, nice people, and lots of enthusiasm from both buyers and sellers alike.

By the end of the first day, my inventory was reduced to a tiny little pile and i was beginning to panic about what I'd even have left to sell on Saturday. Luckily, an all-nighter in my hotel room (and some supplies from JoAnn Fabrics) got me through day 2.

Left Seattle exhausted but exhilarated. No time to rest though -- onward to Craftacular!

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