Thursday, January 29, 2009

Encourage the impracticle

Haven't been blogging cause Mikey D has had my camera for three weeks now, and I'm usually uninspired to post when I have no pics to share.

So the roomies and i are heading to Costa Rica in two weeks. I get really superstitious before any big trip, and usually try not to think about it or prepare for it until I'm on the plane. Planning for these kinda trips can be really overwhelming -- the hostels, the trains, figuring out how long you're gonna stay in a particular city.... It's easier for me to just get there and then deal with things day-by-day.

For this Costa Rica trip, we're gonna do a tour. It's a small tour company that I've used before. I think none of us really wanted to deal with the stresses of travel this time around and just wanted to have everything mapped out for us. Which can be both a good thing but also make for a more staid kinda adventure.

Anyways, the pic above is apparently one of the places we'll be traveling to while in Costa Rica. All I can say is.... looks good!!!

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