Thursday, July 9, 2009


It's three pm, and everything is a mess. I have black silicone dust from my polishing wheel all over my face and up my nostrils. My hair is greasy and shaggy. My room has been segregated into sections devoted to various piles: to pack, to ship, to give to Collin, to put away, to wash.... I've kept the blinds down all day to help me ignore the fact that it's a beautiful sunny day and I'm inside, finishing up whatever bits and pieces I can before the marathon of jewelry shows that start this weekend.

I leave for LA in about 12 hours. Still don't have the address of the girls Elsie Q and I are staying with, but I'll wait a little longer before I start to panic about that.

For now, it's a trip to the post office, the bank, grab some snacks for the flight (lest I spend $10 on a bag of pretzels and a magazine in the airport newstand) throw all my crap into my biggest suitcase (but carefully keeping it under 50lbs) and get on a plane for the second in a series of round trip flights I've taken this week.

I try to be excited, happy and grateful that my job allows me this kind of life, but at the same time, i can't help but panic. There is no expense account for this kind of "business travel" and no one to blame but myself if I screw things up. Suffice to say, a lot is on the line right now. Fingers crossed.

xoxo K

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vinnied said...

wash your face, comb your hair, and enjoy the trip........there is no doubt it will be a success...