Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gawker Asks....

Oh, now this I love!

Gawker asks, "Who is the hipster of the decade?"

As a city dweller, I need only pedal my bike over the Pulaski Bridge to find myself deposited into that Hipster Heaven known as Williamsburg, Bklyn. Thus, I am anxious to see who prevails. (I purposely used "prevails" and not "wins" b/c really, are there any winners here?

I have my own thoughts as to who is the hipster of the decade. See if you can spot that diamond in the rough:

While you wait with baited breath for the Gawker results, entertain yourself with some not-yet-celebrity hipsters.

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vinnied said...

reading your thoughts/ words of wisdom, makes my day..........