Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nest Ring and Stuff

A good Sunday usually involves banana chocolate chip pancakes. Today was a good Sunday. Brunch with some of the Astoria girls and then lots of photographing pieces that shoulda been photographed six months ago.

Heres a fave:

It's for sale on Etsy if you're interested in getting one of your very own.

Now heading out to Lil C's place for some Superbowl-goodness. There will be ribs. And beer. And, I think, football.


PS  I'm starting to have nightmares about the American Craft Council show in Baltimore, which I'll be selling at during the last weekend in Feb. Last night, the nightmare involved realizing in the 11th hour that all my displays were still in Michigan with Elsie Q.  Whoops!

1 comment:

Weasel said...

Love love love! I get complimented on mine all the time!