Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Seriously. I can't stop wearing these earrings! I'm going to make a huuuge pair next, like doorknobs. I put a pair up on Etsy, but no bites yet. I wish they would get some love.... Not feeling patient today.

By the way, my torch broke last week. Basically, now it works every 20 or so attempts. So soldering has become quite the pain in the ass. I have to say, I'm quite pissed about this development. Especially because I bought what was supposed to be the "higher quality" torch and it lasted all of three freaking months. That means I've gone through three torches in two years. I'd like to upgrade to a "real" tank and torch set up, but it's highly illegal, considering my studio setup.

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Karen Beth said...

This makes me wish for pierced ears! Argh!