Thursday, February 28, 2008


Another winter day in NYC. Actually, today was particularly horrendous. In an attempt to be positive, I am compiling my list of...


7. Wearing hats. I love wearing hats. I have a bunch -- knitted, brimmed, ugly, whatever. I have one particularly soft knitty number that I usually sleep in, too. I'm digging this one on the right, by Mi Scusi.

6. Using the cold weather as an excuse to be antisocial. I am a Cancer, which, if you care about anything astrology has to say, means that I am a homebody. It's true. I try to force myself to go out and mingle with the masses, but quite honestly, sometimes I'd rather just be home in my pj's. Luckily, the roomies force me to be social.

5. Soup! Today, I had an excellent Mulligatawny on 17th street. Oh, man it was delish. I love the delis in NY that have like 15 different kinds of soup to choose from. And I like making soup too.

4. Not feeling like I need be outdoors right now. This might not make sense. In a way, I'm not even sure if I understand it myself, but basically, when the weather is nice, I'm racked with tremendous guilt if I'm indoors. It doesn't matter if I'm at work, or sitting in my apartment. If I don't feel sunshine on my back, I feel guilty. I thought I was the only one who felt this way, but apparently not.

3. Blaming weight gain on the holidays. No further elaboration needed. I'll just continue to live in denial.

2. Jewelry Classes! This winter I decided to test out a class at the School of Visual Arts. In the past, I've always taken classes at the 92nd St Y and the JCC and been pretty happy with them. But I gotta say, I'm now a total SVA convert.

1. Using the cold weather as an excuse to go on vacation. New Orleans, here i come!!!!

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