Tuesday, April 15, 2008

To Do

Day: Tuesday, April 15th
Stress Level: Maintaining
Unfinished Business:
- Wedding Ring for Diana
- Magazine article for "Ins & Outs"
- Deciding on booth set-up for next weeks Spring Fling craft show
- Rapidly piling up Etsy orders
- Yet-to-be-announced-secret-project (ooooooh!)

I'm noticing a pattern in my life these last few years -- I somehow manage to walk a fine line between laziness (my so-called "marginal" employment comes to mind) and work overload. Despite the fact that I seemingly have a lot of time on my hands (I only work at an office job 3-4 days a week) I am constantly busy. The jewelry aspect of my life consumes every second of free time I have. Then, on top of the jewelry work and the two part time jobs, I also commit myself to random things that turn out to be waaaay more time consuming than anticipated. Case in point being an article I am writing for a local magazine. I wrote for them a few months ago, and vowed I would never do it again --- the article took soooo long to write! But, they asked me to do another one and stupidly, I agreed. So just add that to the list.

By the way, the super-freaking-awesome pic was taken by my little bro, on a foggy night in Astoria. He rocks.


Kriszta said...

Hey, I found ur blog at random, and fell in love with ur jewellery and style!
But these things can seem much better on those pics where someone wearing them, because othervise they looks like robust, but actually they r not.

Anyway, all ur things r very impressive!
A girl from Hungary

Gail said...

Love your blog - have been reading along for a while... Just love your 'marginal employment' term, I worl 4 days a week at a 'proper' job and this is a great new way to explain parts of my life! I know what you mean about the laziness....