Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Friday


-Pull pieces out of the tumbler, assemble, package
-Post office
-Metaliferous (22g, 16g silver, solder, 100ft of silver chain)
-Price purple suede at Leather Impact
-Park Slope to hang out with Jenny and little Wyatt!
-Thai food at Song

Here's a shot of my "herb garden." Really just a mess of basil, mint and cilantro growing out of discarded takeout containers. Still, they're doing good. And smelling delicious! My mom gave them to me while these were still seedlings. I feel like they're my children.

The basil plant is coming along nicely. I've got to re-pot it, but I ran out of takeout containers.

This weekend, I want to go get some dill, rosemary and maybe lavender. Woo hoo!

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