Friday, September 26, 2008

Being Fantastical

Headed out to the Beer Garden last night for a few end-of-the-season drinks. It was raining and windy as hell, but we all huddled under a humongous tent with a pitcher and all was well in the world.

As usual, our apt is Grand Central this weekend. A friend who just finished Ranger School is crashing for a couple nights en route to Hawaii, then my parents will be stealing my bed on Saturday night, and as they're leaving, Elsie Q should be arriving. She'll be staying for about a month, as we prep for Bizarre Bazaar Austin.

My roomies and I love having Elsie Q in town; she's really the fourth roommate. Plus, she does our dishes.

In honor of Mikey D's birthday tomorrow, I'm posting these "classic" pics from last years festivities. Here's the "before" pic:

And the after:


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vinniede said...

i love this classic mikey d pic