Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't know where I'm going but I'll get there...

So, it's a BIG weekend. So big that I've got to start talking about it on Thursday.

My favorite band, Assembly of Dust, is playing NYC Saturday night and my entire family is gonna be in town to catch the show. I don't know if going to a bar to see a band with my mom, dad and little brothers should be considered weird, but, quite honestly, there are no people in the world I would rather see this band with.

Mikey D and I have invested god knows how many dollars and how many miles in our quest to take in live AOD shows. There have been some highs: numerous New Years Eve shows, camping out at the Vermont Alternative Energy Fest, and catching super long sets with other die-hards at the New Real Rhythm Revival. There have also been some lows: namely, Mikey D drinking a gallon of rum before a show. Suffice to say, we made it to the front door of the venue, but never actually saw the show. I'm STILL bitter about that one.

Anyways, here's the lead singer, Reid Genauer, at NYE last year:

And here's lil C at his first NYE show, with a look a pure joy on his sweet little face (and some weird dude in the background)

On top of the joy that comes hand-in-hand with seeing a live show, it's also Mikey D's birthday!! (Hence the arrival of my parents). It will be nice to have the whole fam reunited again....

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UniqueNurseGranny said...

sounds like fun and action.Enjoy.