Friday, September 19, 2008

Why We Love Astoria

Reason #682

Lil C lives down the street!

We went for breakfast yesterday morning at our favorite (weekday) breakfast spot, Grand Cafe.
The food is dirt cheap and delish and the outdoor seating is plentiful.

Spent yesterday running errands ---> (another 200 bucks at Metaliferous)
Then dinner with Michael Borders at Cookshop. I had lamb.

Happy Friday!

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Sayo said...

Of course I'm going to comment on a food blog! Now I want bacon and eggs! I clicked on your Cookshop link and found out its by the same people who own 100 Acres! I have a friend who works at 100 Acres and I keep meaning to visit him. Heh, this reminds me I really should stop in soon!