Sunday, December 21, 2008

It Ain't Pretty

The gory aftermath of the frenzied last-minute-order-filling marathon that occurred yesterday:

Yupp, my studio is trashed. What can I say? I'm beyond trying to remain organized at this point.

Hung out at Artists & Fleas Friday night, then trucked back to Queens to fill orders till 4am. Up at 7 to finish up, then ran (literally) to the post office. Then out to Site to drop off some pieces. Passed out for a bit, then felt too lazy and groggy to go to Karrie's holiday party. Made a few new pieces to sell at Waltz tomorrow -- my last show of the season.

We're supposed to get hit with a big storm, so who knows what the morning will bring....

In other news, this is freaking hilarious:

I've just added Sarah Haskins to my list of girl-crushes.

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Palma Ippolito said...

If I EVER get that "I have a Master's but then I got married" look...just stop being friends with me. I'll understand.