Saturday, January 10, 2009

Karenin's Smile

There's a line from a Guided by Voices song a former boyfriend used to sing to me: "I'm looking inside your brain/And Christ, it's a cluttered mess."

I am still sorting through the backlog of NYTimes that were delivered to me in Queens over the holidays, while I was upstate. For some reason, I can't justify getting rid of these newspapers without reading them first. So, for the past week, I've been plowing through 2 and 3-week-old news.

I rarely read fiction these days, because I always feel so pressed so time that I've managed to convince myself that I should only be reading things of educational merit. Which is ridiculous of course. Especially when combined with the fact that i forget everything I read, so what difference does it ultimately make? For Christmas this year, I asked for a book that had been 0n my must-read list for a few months. Halfway through the book, it dawned on me that I'd already read this book a couple years ago. Am i losing my mind?

Anyways, I made a new necklace that I'm totally in love with:

It's snowing in NYC tonight. The streets are EMPTY.

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