Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Throws my hips off kilter

So the woman behind the counter at the post office refused to ship my package today because it was going overseas and I had listed the value at $90.

Finally, after going round and round a bit, she conceded that she could ship it, but "couldn't promise that customs would let it through. And if it doesn't get through, it's not gonna get returned to you."

Well that's helpful.

I go over to the UPS store. The guy inputs every bit of conceivable information into his computer - addresses, weight, phone number, dimensions, blah blah blah. Then he says "$65." To ship a package that weighs LESS THAN 2 OUNCES and is in a 5x7 envelope.

Back to the post office i go. Repackage the envelope -- one piece of jewelry in one package, another piece of jewelry in another --- despite the fact that they are going to the same place. Two new customs forms, another 20 minutes in line, and finally SUCCESS.

Hey, it's not thrilling but its all I got.....

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