Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's just like easter sunday

I've been neglecting the blog.
Much to the dismay of my four devoted readers.
So consider this it's resurrection.

So I've returned to a semi-normal 9-5ish life. It's only temporary, but still.... The work is fine, but the routine is sooo depressing. I actually uttered the words, "Thank God it's Friday!" to my coffee guy yesterday. Wow.

Still, the 9-5 routine has been helpful in getting other parts of my life back in order. I've been promising Elsie Q that I'd redo her website for a while now, and i finally finished it: Heres a collage of images i put together for the website:

The photos above were taken by the ever-popular Michael Borders, as well as a new photographer EliseQ and I have been LOVING lately, Michelle Heimerman. Thanks Michelle for the awesome images!

So, ever since getting back from the CR, I've been totally obsessed with this smoky "salsa" that seems to be ubiquitous over there. I mix it with beans and rice, and douse my eggs in it. I brought home three bottles, but let me tell you that in the course of a month I've already finished off one. I'm already envisioning a return to Costa Rica to stock up.

Here's a shot of my new love. His name is Lizano.


Palma said...

Does Lizano have a brother?????

Anonymous said...

I was just complaining to the fam on sunday that u've been slacking and now i feel very disconnected! LOL Miss you <3