Sunday, October 11, 2009


On the phone with Palma:

"I'm just stressed"
"You're always stressed"
"I know. It's ridiculous"

I think that my body does not know how to operate without stressing out about something. And if there is nothing legitimate to stress about, then I either make something up or create stress for myself.

This week, I foolishly agreed to write a story for a NYC-based magazine. It's something I pitched to them a few months back, but never really followed up on. Last week they contacted me to say they were still interested in the story... and could I have it done in a week?

Of course, I say "Sure!"

What a moron.

Anyways, I took some pics of new pieces today. Here's a few:

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Palma aka Weasel said...

And now to add to your ridiculous stress level...getting together your Halloween costume!! We are going to look like huge idiots and I can't wait!