Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So I originally began this blog post about Bikram Yoga. I've been doing it for the past few weeks and I'm feeling a little self-righteous about my new status as a new age, healthy, at-peace practitioner of this Eastern discipline.

But then as I began going through recent photos to add an image to this post, I found myself scrolling through shots from Sunday night's Pizza Making Extravaganza. After seeing pic after pic of my friends stuffing themselves with pizza and dancing around with big mugs of beer in their hands, I thought, "Who am I kidding?" So I bagged the Bikram post.

In it's place, I'm happy to share a few shots that include cheese, dancing, and assorted alcoholic beverages. And not a Standing Eagle pose in sight!

  Ang on dough-making duty. 


A classic Collin pose:Weeping into his food. 
Makes no sense, but I laugh every time.

Seriously, a mountain of toppings.
This creation belonged to Carrie.

Mikey's dancing cleared the kitchen.
Sometimes, pride is overrated.

Ang with one of her "goblets" of wine. 
I love that in the background are remnants from two previous parties: 
The map from our NYC party and the paper chain from Gal-entines Day. 

Taylor and Megan, attempting a serious pose 
but they can't stop laughing.

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Erica said...

That looks way more fun than sweating in uncomfortable poses :)