Sunday, August 31, 2008

Family Fun Time

So I hopped a Greyhound bus Thursday night and headed upstate for some quality time with the family. It was my cousin's (godsister) bridal shower, and it was great to see her. Plus, we got to watch our mothers run around like lunatics in preparation for the party.

Here we are trying to act like grown-ups:

And here we are realizing that adulthood is still an elusive thing:

I also went to the GREAT NEW YORK STATE FAIR with my parents. For anyone who lives within a 20-mile radius of Syracuse, the NY State Fair is a HUGE deal. It's a chance to eat tons of food on sticks, pet some animals, hurl your guts out on the midway rides, and definitely see a mullet or two. As a kid, I used to go to the Fair at least 3x during the 10 days that it was in town.

Here are my lovely parents enjoying a sandwich:

And here I am, rapt with joy after WINNING at a game of "I Got It!" I selected the most ridiculous prize I could find, a photo night light. Awesomeness.

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