Thursday, October 30, 2008


In general, I dislike Halloween.

Halloween, St Patricks Day, New Years Eve.... Basically, those holidays where everyone feels like they need to have the best night ever.

Usually though, I'll get sucked into some sort of bar-dress up-party activity, and I'll go because I feel guilty staying home. After ten minutes at said bar/party/etc I'll realize that I'm miserable and never shoulda gone.

And once again this year, I'm going through the same Halloween guilt. Last night, the 29th Street crew engaged in some beer drinking and pumpkin carving.

Mikey D gave his costume a test run:

Then today, Lil C's and I trolled around Union Square looking for the right accessories for his costume:

So now, after two nights of Halloween prep, I'm feeling the pressure once again. The emails are already flying: parties, the infamous Halloween parade, bars.....

Will I ass out and spend the evening being anti-social? Will I drag my ass downtown and sulk my way through the evening? Or will i actually have a fun night? To be continued....


Anonymous said...

So Halloween comes before blogging about my wedding? Nice...real nice!!!

By the way LOVE the necklaces..been wearing mine alllll week here in the big D.

vinniede said...

Lil'C, MikeyD, and the 29 st gang,
all look ready to celebrate. Hope it was a spectacular night!