Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Run-Down

So, I'm proud to report that, contrary to expectations, I did not ass-out on Halloween. It actually turned out to be a fun night!

At 4pm Friday, I dug a pair of devil horns out from under my bed, where they have resided since the last time I wore devil horns for Halloween. Creative!

At 6pm, I joined the rest of Astoria at The Party Store, where everyone in the neighborhood was frantically trying to buy a last-minute costume. Fake eyelashes? Check? Long red gloves? Check. Disgusting $10 wig? Yup.

I went home to piece together this mismatched array of accessories. The wig looked like I was wearing a hairball as a hat. Into the garbage it went.

Everything else however, looked pretty awesome for a last-possible-second costume.

Some pre-party pics:

We hit the town. Our crew looked great and the weather was spectacular. The parade was a chaotic, crazy spectacle. We took in all the madness, then ventured into the West Village to find a bar. Everything was packed (duh) and we wandered further and further downtown.

We passed the Washington Square Park, and the arch was all lit-up and glowing bright white against the black sky. It was one of those {sigh} I-love-this-city moments.

Finally found a manageable bar below Houston. Drinking, shots of Jameson, Mikey D taking over the jukebox (loved the Dr John, Mikey, but Otis Redding is NOT party music!) more drinking, and eventually being joined by Lil C. Awesomeness! C regaled our group with some fine dancing, adding a few moves to his impressive repertoire. The die-hards left to find a party, leaving C and I to linger a bit longer over a few blueberry ales, then stumble our way to the subway.

The only casualty of the evening was Mikes "plastic" coat, which we bid farewell to at Queensboro Plaza as it jetted off into the night, spread out on the seat of an N train.

The next morning, I woke up to a spinning head and Mikey D barging into my room, announcing it was time for brunch. Excellent!

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sounds like a great time!!