Friday, May 29, 2009


So Elsie Q headed out to California last Friday. She's selling for both of us at Maker Faire in San Mateo this weekend, so that I can stay in NYC and catch some tunes at Crawfish Fest. What a good one she is!

Last week I packed all my displays into one big box and sent it out to CA. Then I recruited Misha, who we met in Costa Rica but who lives in San Fran, to help out Elsie Q at the show. And that pretty much ended my involvement with this show. (other than a lot of stressing out as I put my entire jewelry inventory in the hands of the United States Postal Services). So tomorrow, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the show is a success. And I'll be eating a lot of crawfish.

This time, our Crawfish Krewe is bigger than ever, with lil C's and even MY PARENTS joining in the festivities. All I can hope is that they have a good time. yeek.

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Cristina said...

It was so great to run across your stuff at Maker Fair this weekend. I'm the editor of's fashion blog and I dug your stuff so much (heck, I'm wearing two pieces right now!) I featured it in the blog today! :)